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August 2008

The August 2008 issue of 5 Magazine, the only House Music monthly in North America, is now available. This is our Three Year Anniversary issue, with dynamite interviews with Sandy Rivera, Fred Everything and Ultra Naté, as well as none other than Frankie Knuckles in the 5 Magazine DJ Series, plus the latest event info, reviews, photos from Chicago and more. You can browse the complete table of contents here.

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  Ultra Chic: Ultra Nate Reloaded
Any reporter could interview Ultra Nate every week - or every day - and walk away with a great story. The legendary dance music diva doesn't just have the personal charm and irresistible magnetism of a Hollywood star, but the wisdom of nearly two decades of experience in the mess that we call "the music business" to fall back on...
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  Classic Ultra Nate Tracks and Videos
It's unfair to define an artist strictly by a handful of songs, but it happens anyway. And this is our contribution to defining the key moments in Ultra Nate's career at the top of dance music divas. Ultra Nate maintains substantial control over her work and image, and as a result insists that making videos (which House Music artists often neglect is absolutely essential. From our May 2007 interview:...
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  Fred Everything Interview
The French-Canadian producer and DJ takes a break to talk about his new disc...
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  DJ Charts: DJ Dealer
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  Mike Dunn pres. The MD X-Spress: "God Made Me Phunky" (2008) + video
"Now there's no excuse to bootleg Mike Dunn's underground classic "God Made Me Phunky". Defected has been digging through the back crates a lot lately and re-releasing some of the classics, and this one..."
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  Fred Everything featuring Lisa Shaw: "Here I Am" (Remixes)
"Sometimes a single's so good you've got to go out and get it on your own, and there was no waiting around on the postman for the remixes of Fred Everything's "Here I Am", with vocals by Lisa Shaw..."
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  Jellybean ft. Marlon D.: "Latina"
"The rise of digital music has killed a few things I love about LPs (try to match the hot track in your book these days with album art, for instance), but one of the cool things I've noticed is that a lot of producers at the top of their game..."
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  Liquid People Pres. Danism ft. Sean Williams: "Trouble In Paradise"
"This is the 11th release on Tony Humphries Tony Records, bringing everything you would expect it to. Liquid People come correct with a vocal stormer complete with luscious lyrics..."
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  Johnny Fiasco: Digi Wax Volume 2
"The summer months can be pretty slow when it comes to new releases, but thankfully some characters from my youth that are bigtime international superstar DJs today - Mark Farina, if you read the interview in June's issue, and now Johnny Fiasco - are remastering and making available some of their obscure..."
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  Boo Williams + SJU: "Move Somebody"
"Boo Williams teams up with vocalist Cei Bei with an assist from Glenn Underground on drums for this twisted-up throwback to an era of '70s soul with today's Deep House..."
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  Barbara Tucker + Tuccillo: "One Desire" + video
"As people said about French actress Sarah Bernhardt, Barbara Tucker could probably sing the names out of a phonebook and make it an anthem. Instead, Alix Alvarez in his choice remix..."
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  5 Magazine DJ Series pres. Frankie Knuckles: The Gift
5 Magazine celebrates our 3rd anniversary with a mix from Frankie Knuckles!
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  Ultra Nate DJ Mix
Our favorite diva is stepping out as a DJ - here's a mix to go along with our August 2008 issue interview!
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  Leonard Part Sixx Mix
For this week's 5 Magazine mix, we're pleased to feature a DJ set by Chicago's own Leonard Part Sixx. Leonard is one of our favorite DJs and producers...
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  5 Magazine Radio Show with Czarina Mirani + Rees Urban
New episode added August 1, 2008.
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  5 Magazine Radio Show with Czarina Mirani + Rees Urban
New episode added August 15, 2008.
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