Afrikan Sciences: Means and Ways EP



Seriously, I almost flipped my wig when I first heard the tunes on this 12" from Oakland's Eric Douglas aka Afrikan Sciences. This is soundscaping at work as unique waveforms are presented with three original tunes and a reprise from Deepblak owner Aybee. I first ran into this label when I was working at Groove Distribution, and the Means & Ways EP continues on the path of the deep with action packed moments of artistic expression and unique sounds of controlled chaos.

"Spirals" begins the vinyl as a lovely House tune that explodes into a rainbow of crazy sounds that are held together by a head nodding rhythm. Next up is "Ejercios", which is also quite amazing with its harmonies and melodies flying around everywhere as the changing percussion bangs. Heading up the b-side is a quirky fun track named "NanoRock Skank". This tune will definitely add color to any beatdown DJ set with its super syncopated rhythms. Aybee's Sunrise Reprise of "NanoRock Skank" goes deep in a whole new way with a warm chord progression and sparse drums. Please check the sound samples as the Means & Ways EP is a avant-garde record coming out from America's West Coast that will definitely re-arrange your brain in a good way.

Reviewer Rating: 10/10

Review by: Hakim Murphy / October 2011 (Print)

Available: On vinyl from juno.co.uk.

+ Track Listing
A1:Afrikan Sciences: Spirals
A2:Afrikan Sciences: Ejercicios
B1:Afrikan Sciences: NanoRock Shank
B2:Afrikan Sciences: NanoRock Shank (Aybee Sunrise Reprise)
hakim murphy Hakim Murphy is a DJ/producer/librarian from the Chicagoland area that makes House Music. He runs two record labels: Machining Dreams and Synapsis Records with Inbum Cho.

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