DJ Sneak: What You Been Missing



If "What You Been Missing" comes in the form of a question then Sneak has answered it musically in one word and that word is... FUN! This record just evokes excitement and happiness. It's light, bright, bouncy, bubbly and most of all inviting. If you ever want to boil it down to the most basic thing it should just be about having fun. You can be serious about what you do without taking yourself too seriously, am I right?

"Studio Swing" keeps the party going with some great drums. They're on center stage while the horns and vocal snippets take a backseat. You may think by now that every swing track requires a scatty female vocal, but this one steps out of that box. These choices add up to a particularly refreshing listen.

"Where We Wanna Go" bumps pretty damn hard. There's nothing overly flashy here and I see it as more of a DJ tool than anything else, but one worth having. Streamlined tracks like this give DJs that really get in there and work it a perfect opportunity to flex their skills.

"Who Has the Jazz" does have a nice little groove to it but it wasn't my favorite. However, I did enjoy the drums, especially the use of the drum sticks banging together. The bassline and key combos are just a little too quirky and clashy for me personally though.

I'm amazed it's taken me this long to publish a review for Guesthouse Music which is easily one of my favorite labels. It just goes to show you that there's so much great music inspiring me these days that even my focus can be taken off of well-established and reliable source of bump.


Reviewer Rating: 9.0/10

Review by: Dustin Kinney / December 2011 (print)

Available: Vinyl from Juno | Digital from Beatport

dustin kinney Dustin Kinney (soundcloud) is a House DJ living in Austin, TX. He produces and hosts The House Hookup, a 60 minute weekly DJ mix show bringing the world renowned producers and DJs of underground HOUSE music together with local Texas DJs.

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