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Oh snap, this is some hard Deep House! This is a record made of heaters, friends. While there are four tracks here, two are dubs. For the purposes of this review, I'll stick to the original mixes, as the dubs have exactly the same composition (sans the vocals, of course). The Original is, as I said, hard. The track is driven by a simple beat and a catchy-as-hell pattern of short chords with crushing and filtering effects for added drama. The energy level is high, but the mood is cool, collected, and under control. The vocal sample is a perfect addition to the sound, it doesn't change the mood, but it makes everything more intense.

The Johnny Fiasco Remix is more laid back with a more complex multi-layered synth pattern taking control that gets pretty quirky on the breakdowns. The bass is chunkier and helps to lower the energy a bit, and the original vocal sample remains mostly intact through the track. This one is clearly a Fiasco flavored cut, which means it's definitely good, but listening to them back-to-back my pick is the original mix... I think you'll agree it's something we can all get down to.

[ - Review by D-VO / April 2011 - ]

Available: Released April 11; available from Juno Download and in the iTunes store. More info at lostmydog.net


Domsko feat. Astral T - Hard Yards (LMD044) by Lost My Dog


+ Track Listing Duration Recommended
01:Domsko ft. Astral T: Hard Yards (Original Vocal Mix)7:02our pick
02:Domsko ft. Astral T: Hard Yards (Dub)7:04 
03:Domsko ft. Astral T: Hard Yards (Johnny Fiasco Vocal Mix)6:45our pick
04:Domsko ft. Astral T: Hard Yards (Johnny Fiasco Dub)6:45 
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