Hugo H: Chante vs James (aka The Same) EP

Lumberjacks in Hell


You can't knock it. Local cats might get their panties in a bunch about it, but our friends from northern Europe are absolutely cleaning up on records that slipped through Chicago labels' fingers for one reason or another. Lumberjacks In Hell previously released a split record from Jamie 3:26 and Boogie Nite, and now comes this fierce collection of underground edits from Hugo H.

Collectors have long been fascinated by the way Hugo's name pops up on their favorite jams, from Lidell Townsell's "Get The Hole" twelve inch to a slew of records on Dance Mania and the hip-housey Dance Mutha. Hugo has a sick back catalog of edits and mixes, too. This is one of them, traded from hand-to-hand and crate-to-crate until Lumberjacks managed to score 'em.

"Chante vs. James (aka The Same)" and "Moments of Dance" are full of funk; a grind for the hips and some hands-in-the-air moments that DJs will love. But I was most freaked by "Wanna Get Next To Me" - this, right here, is one of those tracks you wish would never stop, that the organ solo would go on forever, and I'm sure with some clever editing, it could. I can't stress this enough: no one has ever said to their man or woman, "Wow, this track is so... musical! LET'S HIT IT!" They may, however, need smelling salts, a pack of Jolt and a smack across the jaw to wake up after collapsing from exhaustion from this one.

This record is going to be a big thing for Hugo, and I hope for Lumberjacks too. And if H. becomes the latest "overnight" Chicago sensation to get booked in every mid-sized European city with a pair of turntables in it (some... gosh... 30 years after starting?), it's well deserved.


Reviewer Rating: 8.5/10

Review by: Terry Matthew

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Available: Released in February 2013 by Lumberjacks in Hell | Clear vinyl from Juno



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