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You just knew there was something brewing as Robsoul Recordings approached it's 100th release. And here it is: a three volume set from the back catalog, featuring tracks from Robsoul stalwarts like Joss Moog, Sneak and Hector Moralez and infrequent flyers such as Mike Dunn (his "Phreaky MF" which was re-released on Robsoul when Mike began his comeback a couple of years back), Mark Farina, Chris Carrier and Santiago & Bushido.

Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of compilations or the peculiar form of mania in which labels are gutting their back catalogs and tossing them on the market, virtually untouched, to squeeze out a few dollars (judging by the state of the music industry, very few dollars). But this 30 track/3 volume set is really nicely done. If there aren't a few surprises on here - tracks you've overlooked even if no one else did - you're more of a music fan than I. Tracks from No Assembly Firm ("WBMX"), JT Donaldson's "Make You Higher" and The Sexicanz's "Diggin" hit the right spot.

Reviewer Rating: 8.0/10

Review by: Terry Matthew / september 2011

Available: The three volumes were released individually; Volume One in July; Volume Two later that month and Volume Three in late August.

Phil Weeks presents Underground Chronicles - DJ Promo Mix by Kahua Music
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