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Welcome back to 5 Magazine's New Mix Monday, our weekly DJ mix series featuring the greatest House Music DJs on the planet.

This week we're featuring a new mix from Derek Dunbar (soundcloud, twitter). We've reviewed a lot of music from Derek lately, and that doesn't scratch the surface of what he's been up to. In addition to his releases on Amenti and Mark Farina's Great Lakes Audio, he's also released tunes on Blackcherry, Golden State and Dufflebag as well as having his track "Please Be Mine" featured on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz 7.

For more information, check out Derek's Facebook page or find him on soundcloud. The full playlist for this mix (stuffed full of promos) is below.

And for more mixes, radio shows, podcasts from more of the greatest House Music DJs on the planet, check out past episodes of New Mix Monday, the 5 Magazine Radio Show and everything in one place at our audio archives page.

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+ Artist Title Label Info
01: Fergus Been Lookin' (Wally Callerio Hide n Seek Mix) Maracuja  
02: Derek Dunbar Drop Back (promo)  
03: Freaky Behaviour Cigars Tastie Music  
04:   On The Real (Andrew Emil's Dub) (promo)  
05: 420 Ceis House Dealer (Chanson E Remix) Jack Locker Recordings  
06: Jonn Hawley Slip N Slide (promo)  
07: Soul De Marin Body Rock (Hector Moralez Ghetto Mix) Phobic  
08: LuRob Black Rainbows Zoot Suite  
09: Will Jax Situation (Wally Callerio Deep Situation Mix) Beatdown Music  
10: Giano Groovy Kinda Day (promo)  
11: Domspiral Dirty Weekend Greenhouse  
12: Poncho Warwick I'm Stylin Two Great Lakes Audio  
13: Soul de Marin Whatever I Want Kinjo  
14: Marc Madina Free As A Bird Zoot Suite  
15: Corduroy Mavericks Biscuit Luv Native Soul  
16: Broadway & Wilson Le Roi Cosmique de la Mode (promo)  
17: TJ Kong, Russ Gabriel & Robert Owens Celebration (TJ Kong Heavenly Dub) Large Music  
/ /
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