New Mix Monday: Tevo Howard (Live)

Tevo Howard (Live) mix

We've featured a lot of people in our New Mix Monday series. Some are legends, some are local heroes, some are people just getting into the game. Our selection process is very much based on what we're feeling from moment to moment.

But this one is very special. I first interviewed Tevo Howard about a year and a half ago, reviewed a lot of his music (including the forthcoming 12" Until Now from the new project RUBY with Lionel Melgar and Gustavo Guerra, reviewed in our January issue). I've felt that Tevo, as much as any single man can, encapsulates a lot that I love about Chicago and her artists, from the inventiveness of his compositions, his willingness to satisfy his own artistic impulses rather than play to the crowd, and of course the raw determination so many people from this city have to possess in the face of obstacles and obscurity.

So here is his latest mix - recorded exclusively for 5 Magazine - and it's blown me away. By way of introduction, Tevo's appended this note:

This is a recording of some of the tracks from my live set. The recordings heard here utilize the project stems of the original recordings pumped into Ableton Live, and controlled by trigger. Also included is a cover of Madonna's Holiday. Please be free and enjoy. T.H.

The playlist is below; all tracks are by Tevo Howard unless otherwise noted. You can reach Tevo via tevohoward.com.

Thank you Tevo, and thank you for listening!

Tevo Howard (Live) stream
5 Magazine's New Mix Monday
Tevo Howard (Live)
Released: January 14 2013
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# Artist Title Label
001: Tevo Howard Move Rush Hour Recordings
002: Tevo Howard Special Permanent Vacation
003: Tevo Howard Pump and Bounce Permanent Vacation
004: Tevo Howard Shaquanda Thug Records
005: Tevo Howard Laboratory Rush Hour Recordings
006: Tevo Howard Duaa Beautiful Granville Records
007: Tevo Howard Dependency (signed to Simonico)
008: TYREZ Relationship Tevo Howard Recordings
009: Madonna (performed by THE BLACK ELECTRO ORCHESTRA) Holiday  
010: RUBY Anna You Get the Best of Me Rebirth Records
011: Polyrhythmic Polyrhythmic  
012: Tevo Howard Spend Some Time Rush Hour Recordings
013: Tevo Howard Age of Compassion Buzzin' Fly Records
014: Tevo Howard Houseroom BioRythm
015: Tevo Howard Autumn Spell Rush Hour Recordings

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